About Office of Family and Community Advancement

Every family desires educational success for their child. BPS Office of Family and Community Advancement (OFCA) believes that success starts early and engages students, family, staff, partners and community in student readiness and achievement. From early education through high school, OFCA offers programming and initiatives that engage and involve caring citizens in helping all BPS students achieve success in higher education and careers.

Areas of Work
Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement works to ensure effective school-community partnerships, allocation of resources and tools that encourages authentic engagement of schools, families and the community in BPS decision making and policy.

Provides opportunities for your family to get involved and gain support as you build your capacity to help your child reach educational success.

School Capacity Building and Support

Supports schools in assessing their engagement practice to meet district standards and requirements for engagement and building staff capacity to welcome and engage all families. This includes effectively leveraging partners to promote academically and socially-emotionally successful students particularly around shared student learning and leadership.

School Choice and Registration

Promotes School Choice Season to perspective families throughout Boston neighborhoods, child care centers, community agencies, fairs and events.

Student Engagement

As a student, you are the most important member of the Boston Public Schools.  You are valued and have right to be respected, be included and welcomed in your school community. The Office of Engagement works every day with your school, teachers, family and community to help you realize BPS’s vision for every student and graduate.


The Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is a body of student leaders representing their respective high schools and serves as the voice of students to the Boston School Committee. Participating members offer their perspectives on education policies and inform their respective schools about relevant citywide school issues. BSAC is the primary vehicle for student voice and youth engagement across the Boston Public Schools. In recent years, BSAC has played a key role in advising the School Committee on policy, working with the Headmasters on student climate issues, and informing students of their rights and responsibilities under district rules.

Parent University

Parent University is an opportunity for parents to sharpen their skills as they work in one of life’s most important and demanding roles. Sessions focus on child development, what children are learning in schools, advocacy, parent leadership and effective parenting skills.


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