In February 2012, The Full-service Schools Roundtable and Boston Public Schools jointly released Schools at the Hub: Community Partnerships in the Boston Public Schools, the first report of its kind, which presents the results of a survey administered to all schools. With 93% of schools responding, the report provides extensive baseline data about the types and extent of partnerships providing supports to students and families. The report also cites inequities in partnerships across schools and calls for greater district involvement to ensure equity and accountability.

In 2013, the Full-service Schools Roundtable and Boston Public Schools began discussion about conducting a follow up measure progress since the release of Schools at the Hub report.  As opposed to conducting another survey and release another report, the parties decided to develop an online tool that would not only be useful to track partnerships, but would also serve to broker partnerships between BPS partners, schools and families.  With this approach mind, PartnerBPS was developed and launched in the spring of 2015.