The creation of this PartnerBPS system required a great deal of input, expertise, and time from many different individuals and organizations.  It would not have been possible to make this happen without their support.  The PartnerBPS team would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their tremendous support and assistance:

The Full Service Schools Roundtable, which helped envision what a partnership registration for a school system could do to increase access and opportunity, based on their years of work in the field. The Roundtable secured the funding that made the development of the system possible, on a grant from the Barr Foundation who have long been strong supporters of innovation in the realm of education.

Boston Public School’s Office of Institutional Advancement & Partnerships, who set the agenda and shaped the goals and refinement of PartnerBPS, and provided coordination with all of the internal BPS departments and resources.

Alliance Inclusion Prevention (AIP),  who led the development efforts for PartnerBPS and the underlying technology for the Roundtable.

AmeriCorps for providing the ongoing support and people power to help maintain PartnerBPS going forward, and to assist internal and external users  of the system, through the long term commitment of VISTA corps members, in conjunction with Boston Cares.

And the Boston Educational Development Foundation who assists the Roundtable, and many other innovative organizations, in their efforts to bring new services to the students of Boston’s public schools.

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