Jan 31, 2024 Partner Call Resources

Here are the resources from our January 31, 2023 partner call that will be most helpful as we officially move into our updated procurement process for partners.

  • Slides: This is going to be the best place to start if you’re wondering where to get started or how to get in touch with someone at BPS regarding this process.
  • Zoom Recording: Please feel free to use it as your refresher, if you were unable to join us, or for you to share with other folks on your team that will be involved in the RFP process.
  • Q&A Summary: We grabbed all of the questions that were added to the chat and someone on the BPS side provided an answer.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Specifically, slide 10 covers who to go to with which type of questions and how to get in touch with them.