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Welcome to PartnerBPS, School Leaders

A BPS School Leader is defined as a Principal, Headmaster, School Partnership Manager, Teacher, or other staff member that is responsible for facilitating or managing one or more School-Community Partnerships for a Boston Public School. School leaders can create a PartnerBPS account to view, edit, and add partnerships with over 800 School-Community Partners. All School-Community Partners are required to register their organization, programs, and partnerships on PartnerBPS before beginning services in a Boston Public School.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PartnerBPS? PartnerBPS.org is an online partnership platform for students, families, schools and school-community partners. It captures information about, raises awareness of, and increases access to opportunities available throughout the BPS School-Community Partnership landscape.
  • Who should have a school account on PartnerBPS? Anyone who manages one or more School-Community Partnerships at your school should have an account. For most BPS Schools, there are multiple people that have a PartnerBPS account. Some job titles of those people include Principal, Headmaster, Teacher, Partnership Manager. Students should not create a school leader account on PartnerBPS
  • What are the steps that I should encourage Partners to complete to be fully registered on PartnerBPS?
    1. Register Your Organization or Create an Account Use the Partner Registration Form to Create an Account by selecting your organization’s name from the dropdown menu. If your organization is not already listed, choose “New Organization” and complete all required fields. You will be asked to verify your email. After doing so, you can log in and Add Programs.
    2. Add Your Programs After logging into your account, choose “Add Programs” from the Manage Programs Tab. Complete all fields about a program. Not all fields are required fields but the more information displayed, the more information that schools, students, and families will learn about your program.
    3. Add Your Partnerships Select “Add New Partnership” from the Manage Partnerships Menu. Complete all fields in that form about the way a program operates at a particular school including enrollment. Be sure to select the appropriate partnership year. Note: An organization can have a program with multiple partnerships. An organization can have multiple partnerships with a school if there is more than one program.
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  • What should school leaders update on PartnerBPS and how often? School Leaders should update both school contact information and partnerships. Schools should confirm that all contact information listed for the school is current and reflective of current principal, school address, emails, phone numbers, and the point of contact at the school. School leaders should also approve (or deny) “Pending Partnerships” and make sure details are accurate for approved partnerships.
  • What if something is not working on the website? If there are issues with the site, contact BPS School-Community Partnerships at partnerbps@bostonpublicschools.org or visit the help section of the site to complete the feedback form.