Welcome, Students and Families

Welcome to PartnerBPS

PartnerBPS is the partnership platform for Boston Public Schools. All School-Community Partners are required to register their organization, programs, and partnerships on PartnerBPS before beginning services in a Boston Public School.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PartnerBPS? PartnerBPS.org is an online partnership platform for students, families, schools and school-community partners. It captures information about, raises awareness of, and increases access to opportunities available throughout the BPS School-Community Partnership landscape.
  • What can I find on PartnerBPS?You can find information about Programs that are offered to support BPS Schools, Students, Families. You can also use School Search to find the list of Programs that are provided at your (or your child’s school.)
  • How many languages does PartnerBPS translate to? PartnerBPS can be translated to over 100 languages including Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. Use the Google translate button at the top to translate any page on PartnerBPS.
  • How do I know if a program is free? We ask all Partners to update their program fee information to reflect the cost to both students and schools. By default, a program is registered as having a program cost. If the partner chooses to mark the program as free, a FREE sign will show up Program Search Results. If you have additional questions about program costs, feel free to contact the Program or Organization Contact that is listed on the PartnerBPS profile.
  • What types of programs are listed on PartnerBPS? What types of programs and opportunities are not listed? On PartnerBPS, we list programs that provide resources or have partnerships with Boston Public Schools. You will find mentoring programs, arts programs, after school programs, mental health resources and other programs that are provided by School-Community Partners. You will not find programs provided by the schools on PartnerBPS. Examples of things not on PartnerBPS would be Basketball Teams, National Honors Society, Student Council, Parent Site Council, etc.
  • What if something is not working on the website? If there are issues with the site, contact BPS School-Community Partnerships at partnerbps@bostonpublicschools.org or visit the help section of the site to complete the feedback form.