About PartnerBPS

What is PartnerBPS

PartnerBPS is the partnership platform for Boston Public Schools. All School-Community Partners are required to register their organization, programs, and partnerships on PartnerBPS before beginning services in a Boston Public School.

  • Vision PartnerBPS.org seeks to increase equitable access to quality school-community partner opportunities for BPS schools, students, and families and other members of the BPS School-Community.
  • Who Can Use PartnerBPS?
    • School-Community Partners an organization, group or coalition that collaborates with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) to provide ongoing, direct services to students, school staff, families, and/or other members of the BPS school community.
    • School Leaders Teachers, school staff, and headmasters at BPS Schools.
    • BPS District Staff BPS Central Office and other administrative employees
    • Students and Families BPS students, family members, and other members of the BPS Community.
  • Who should register on PartnerBPS? BPS requires all School-Community Partners to be fully registered and approved via the PartnerBPS platform before providing any services within any school. View The Superintendent’s Circular Here.

Thank you to the supporters and sponsors of PartnerBPS.

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